Nikki Fried: Open Carry Bill is ‘Dangerous’, an ‘Affront to Lawful Gun Owners Across Florida’

TALLAHASSEE – In response to Ron DeSantis’ agreement to sign the dangerous open carry bill pushed by right-wing extremist Rep. Anthony Sabatini, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried released the following statement:

“Like more than two million Floridians, I’m a proud holder of a concealed weapons permit. And like the overwhelming majority of responsible gun owners, I believe in secure background checks, safekeeping, and proper training and licensing. But this dangerous bill has nothing to do with responsible gun ownership. The extremist author of this bill has already admitted it’s about keeping up with right-wing radicals in the Texas state legislature — an escalating race to the bottom at the expense of Floridians’ safety and lives”.

“This bill is an affront to lawful gun owners across Florida. While Floridians are grappling with an affordability crisis, underfunded schools and underpaid teachers, and an insecure water supply, Ron DeSantis is prioritizing scoring points with his political base ahead of an ill-fated presidential bid.”

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