New poll shows Nikki Fried in the lead

We have great news!

A new poll hosted by St. Pete Polls is showing that Nikki Fried is in the lead!

The poll projected 47% of likely voters will cast their ballot for her, while only 45% will vote for her opponent. Follow up questions posed to voters showed the reason they were especially committed to Nikki’s campaign was because of her strong stance on broader marijuana legalization. Additionally, 70% of those polled support Florida’s medical marijuana law and almost half disapprove of how the legislature is handling its implementation.

Floridians want a Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services who supports their will and their medical marijuana needs. But this will be a close election. We need to keep up the momentum and offer our support to ensure Nikki’s success!

Please contribute today to widen this margin. It’s a small price for all that’s at stake!

Thank you for all you’ve done,

– Team Nikki