DeSantis plays fast and loose with COVID facts to justify expired tests

After Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried claimed that Florida might allow nearly one million COVID-19 tests to expire, a spokesman for the Department of Health sent out this tweet:

“Nikki Fried needs to turn on that blinker and get back in her lane.”

In fact, Fried was doing her job on the pandemic. If only we could say the same about Gov. DeSantis.

We can understand the DeSantis administration’s knee-jerk hostility. Fried is one of several Democrats running to challenge the governor this year. She has every reason to point out the administration’s failings.

This time, however, Fried was right. So as DeSantis touted his plan to send one million tests to nursing homes, he had to explain why he nearly wasted almost that many and then tried to lie his way out of it.

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