Someone New

We’re tired of seeing the same names on the ballot year after year — politicians who have been in government for decades and lost touch with what’s happening in Florida.

Nikki ran for office for the first time in 2018 after serving as a public defender, child welfare champion, and marijuana legalization advocate. Since taking office, she’s been a fresh voice in Tallahassee, legalizing hemp, standing up for LGBTQ+ equality, fighting for clean water, and more.

Now, she’s running for Governor to build a stronger, fairer Florida.

“I’m somebody who always likes to ruffle feathers.”

The daughter of a teacher, Nikki grew up in a middle class family in South Florida. When she was diagnosed with a learning difference as a child, people underestimated her. They were wrong.

When she arrived at the University of Florida ( go Gators! ) and joined student government, she saw an old boy network just like the one in our state house. She broke through, becoming the first woman to serve as Student Body President and the first Jewish woman to lead Florida’s Blue Key Society.

After graduating from law school, Nikki worked in private practice at the prestigious law firm Holland and Knight, but she quickly left to serve as a public defender. In the Alachua County Public Defender’s office, she learned firsthand how the criminal justice system leaves behind those without the resources for a well-funded defense.

As a public defender, Nikki saw that far too many Floridians were going to jail for low-level marijuana offenses. She ensured that they received a fair trial and held bad actors in law enforcement accountable for undermining the criminal justice system.

After serving as a public defender, Nikki became a government affairs advocate for the marijuana industry, working to legalize marijuana and end the miscarriage of justice that sent far too many people to jail for low-level marijuana offenses. She also founded her own law firm to advocate for our public schools and foster children, helping secure the right to an attorney and $4 million in funding for children in the foster system.

Eminently Qualified. Delivering Results.

As Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki has seen firsthand how Florida’s system is broken by design. After more than a quarter century of Republican rule in Tallahassee, she understands that it’s time to rebuild.

Even with a Republican Governor and Republican-controlled Legislature, Nikki has delivered big wins for Floridians. She appointed the department’s first ever cannabis director and first ever LGBTQ advocate, legalized hemp for farmers, fought for clean water, and helped keep guns off our streets with her management of the country’s largest concealed weapons permitting program.

Now, she’s ready to do more. Right now, Florida works well for a few people at the top of the economic ladder. But for everyone else, the system is broken. Nikki knows that by supporting small businesses, embracing innovation, and helping our most vulnerable, we can build a stronger, fairer Florida for everyone.

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